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Molecular Modeling and Structure-based Drug Design Systems


Virtual Screening System

with AutoDock Vina In Silico Screenings Interface

- Carrying The Ultimate Technology In The Drug Discovery -


Virtual Screening System


Fully corresponding to AutoDock Vina Virtual Screening (preparation of compound database - preparation of all input files - execution - viewing and filtering of hits; supports also simultaneous analysis of both Docking Study and AutoDock Vina results)

AutoDock Vina in silico (virtual) screenings can be used for million number of compounds. Then, the highly precise docking simulations for the resulting compounds using Virtual Screening System are useful for obtaining a drug candidate.


Virtual Screening System is the drug discovery system based on the Docking Study with HyperChem program. The program can be used for exploring a candidate of drug from a certain compound database, i.e., in silico screenings.





Benchmark Test of Docking Study Programs



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